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MyIdeasBook is a web application developed for ‘MyIdeas’ tech and creative training in visual literacy and creative development . We work closely with art department heads to integrate the methodology into the curriculum and teachers structure.

The training is based on Ken Robinson’s thinking on creativity and learning. If you discover and then nurture your individual passion it will lead to a more fulfilling career and life. MyIdeas training brings the outside world of creativity into school learning environment to augment the creative curriculum. The MyIdeas methodology compliments and develops the assessment objectives (A01: Develop, A2 Refine, A03 Record, A04 Respond).

Art within schools is recognised by some as having great value, but sadly to many parents, school management teams and the current government it is not. Teachers are telling me that parents do not encourage or want their children to take art. It is still seen as giving no future value for the jobs market.

Very few students who take art will become artists but they will have gained skills which help their careers in more lateral ways. My reason for developing MyIdeas is to directly tout project management skills building into school through art. If parents can understand the key skills art offers (idea generation, project management, communication, using technology effectively) they would support the subject more.

Benefits to incorporating the MyIdeas methodology are that art teachers delight in collaborating with an artist and love having support within the classroom that validates their teaching. This makes their job more satisfying and interesting. Students get to see how artistic practice as a ‘job’ really works and how creative skills transfer to jobs. The artist has an opportunity to support their creative practice in terms of income and the collaboration with the students and staff.


The 21st Century and the internet has transformed the way creative people can show their work and do business globally. The MyIdeas process has been welcomed and embraced by teachers because of it’s simplicity, how it looks and works and how it brings technology into the artistic process in a safe way that they are looking for.

Ideas are everything for us creatives, its what makes us special. We can offer the world a different perspective and innovate.  However, sometimes recognizing the value of your ideas and passions is often difficult for young creatives and managing ideas effectively can be even harder.

MyIdeasBook has been developed specifically for visually creative people to help them become more effective in developing and exploring the capacity of ideas. MyIdeasBook is an online tool which is based on the traditional sketchbook method of idea development.

The basis for the design behind MyIdeasBook comes from a survey about creativity and the way we feel about our ideas.

MyIdeas workshops train students in the routine of observation, note making and thinking through their ideas.  It develops the routine of purposeful research – investigate – reflect and analyse – idea progression. MyIdeasBook can also be used to communicate their understanding of research and development to a range of audiences.

The process of refining inspiration to develop your ideas is faster using MyIdeasBook and with MyIdeas tech and creative development we will help students learn how to find and achieve their ambitions faster.

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