Slowing students down = better ideas faster

For the last four weeks, students at Colfe’s school have been integrating the MyIdeas process into their project. They have selected which GCSE exam question they are working on for a mock project and are developing their ideas.

I have been in a few times now to assess their development and advise on how they might proceed, analysing which elements of the development stages require more work and helping them find solutions if they are ‘stuck’ . It is clear that you are able to effectively and instantly help a student who has created good quality MyIdeasBooks and done their research. This is necessary as time constraints in the classroom are tight.

MyIdeasBook development harnesses the Slow Movement¬†educational philosophy ‘It is about enabling students to learn how to learn.’

Here is a student sharing her research on MyIdeasBook in class and talking about her ideas. We can quickly see where her passion and interest lies and help her move forward in her work in a focused way because she is developing what she is enjoying and cares about. The main issue was needing to develop her own imagery by taking photos and creating her own personal reference material.

MIB in class

My role as a visiting artist using MyIdeasBook to develop projects is to support and work in harmony with the teachers and adding a layer of process and learning to the students development.

The process of image selection, collection and adding imagery to MyIdeasBook encourages carefulness and thoughtfulness. The way social media and online tools work can encourage a dumping of images, speediness of reactions and distraction from the core idea which discourages due care and attention. We use the Slow Movement process which encourages students to take care with what they select and develop.

MyIdeas training also provides students with a guide in project development so they are able to self assess. More reports will follow as we progress the project.