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Wednesday 21st 2015

I have sent the Necklace – Always and Forever to the framer so that is very very exciting. Making a conceptual gold necklace has been one of my favourite things to do for this show.

I am now in the process of gilding the pots and pans for the sculpture Secret Ingredients. This is a new skill and using real gold was such a specialist job so I am using metal. If you gild in real gold you need to pay someone – this may have cost around 2K and I didn’t have the ACE budget for that. Next time.

We have the opening invite for our show which is exciting, it includes a photograph I have taken as a companion piece to Mirror Mirror vs Sugar and Spice and it is a homage to women who shed a tear while chopping onions for dinner – and sometimes hide real tears in the chopping onions excuse because life can be a bit too much sometimes.


I have my mum painting clothes pegs gold for me while she looks after my son so I can work for the show. This is wonderful as they are bonding on the dining table while I gild in the studio.

I had a crit with film maker Alia Syed and she has given some great suggestions for the film, layering and loosening up the structure of what I had done so far. This has been such good feedback for me and allowed me to have a go at editing myself while having my editor to help tidy things up.

Its now 2 and half weeks till the show opens so its full on with all the marketing and admin side too – how much are things? What is needed for install? working with the Gallery to create the print etc… The catalogue is at the printers and will be a brilliant record of the show. As will the photography as I have booked an amazing photographer to document the installations.

Collaborating with Emilia on the posters for the windows of the gallery has been a healthy challenge for me as well as a complete joy! Standing in a freezing field being photographed in denim cut off jeans was rather exhilarating and working with Emilia is a delight, we really work well together.

I am being brave and not photoshopping my body at all – as a believer that women whatever shape should be able to feel ‘normal’ I just cannot bring myself t tamper with how I look. eeek though!

These are the posters we are emulating


mother india









Right I had better get on with the work again… more soon.

necklace words



Finally I have finished hand painting my lists onto my grandmothers Sari for Too Busy. No wonder she didn’t finish painting it with the flowers she started in the 1950’s! It took so many hours.


I am also currently editing together the video artwork Forewarned is Forearmed.  This is a huge learning curve but I am glad to be working with Mark Andreani (editor) and Jai Channa (composer) on this and I have the overview and experience of the incredible Alia Syed to call on – although it is taking all my bravado to show this star art film maker my rookie work. When you make films its interesting how you need to keep reminding yourself and the team about the vision – for me being a rich textural moving image piece of artwork. Because its easy to get carried away or bogged down with processes, techniques and the common rules of filmmaking.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 20.51.44


I am about to embark on gold leafing clothes pegs, pots and pans now. The work Secret Ingredients takes my work into sculpture. This piece has almost worked itself out without too much meddling from me – but now it is really taking shape in reality (not my head!) I am intrigued to see if it will work as well as I have imagined.

More soon!


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