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Currently being created in the studio is a series of works under the title ‘The Modern Woman‘ for the exhibition opening Feb 6th 2015:

Modern Women

Modern Women is a new artist-led, artist-curated exhibition featuring the work of Emilia Telese and Binita Walia at Airspace Gallery in Stoke on Trent. It explores some of the challenges and issues faced by women from different cultural backgrounds in Asia and the Mediterranean, such as stereotypes, rigid gender roles, inequality, honour killings / feminicide as well as the implications of cultural migration and multiculturalism in society.

Works featured make use of site-specific installation, performance, photography, jewellery, video and textile media to create iconic, strong images that aim to provoke and challenge the viewer.

The exhibition also joins philosophical points of contact between Telese’s and Walia’s diverse body of work, both employing elements of real life and cultural background references, to create powerful messages around current social and political issues as well as creating a new collaboration between the two artists and Airspace Gallery, with a planned series of debates and events.

Emilia Telese’s works will feature Femminicidio, a site-specific installation about domestic violence; Elizabeth, a photographic series with performative elements about gender stereotypes in the South of Italy; and Sacra Famiglia, a large scale contemporary photography work reprising the Renaissance icon motif.

Emilia Telese Sacra Famiglia lambda print 2014

Binita Walia’s work is funded by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England. The show will feature work from her installation series The Modern Woman, exploring cultural rebelliousness, gender heritage and women’s sense of duty, making use of video, textiles and everyday objects. In this exhibition, it will include Too Busy, an installation using a heirloom sari and gold as a symbol of cultural heritage, Secret Ingredients, a series of sculptural aluminium cooking vessels and gold leaf exploring the emotional value of food, Forewarned is forearmed?, a video piece illustrating a bride shopping for a wedding sari and Always and Forever, a jewellery piece making use of gold to elevate the mundanity of everyday chores.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 20.54.41

The exhibition will use Airspace Gallery’s double window space as a billboard, showing the exhibition title MODERN WOMEN with each artist impersonating a film poster of their opposite cultures: Binita Walia as the heroine of an Italian movie, and Emilia Telese as that of an Asian movie.

The exhibition will be accompanied by debate events about the issues explored within it, such as Asian and Italian migration and gender stereotypes.


“We believe this is a really timely, pertinent and critically important exhibition work.” Glen Stoker, Airspace Gallery

“I use list-making as an artistic process, feeding back and contributing to both personal life and artistic practice. Many people order and manage their complex life through lists. The potency of these lists to express the minutiae of life is evident and I elevate the ordinary feats of everyday tasks to a higher status by writing them and recreating them in gold.” Binita Walia

“My work is concerned with the continuous questioning of social constraints and conventions. I try to generate knowledge through the visual representation of these questions, and the deconstruction of society’s clichés. My work focuses on the way the mind and body are affected and transformed by external elements and impulses, and the inter-relation between intimate consciousness and public perception.” Emilia Telese

Key Dates:

Preview evening: Friday 6 February 2015  6pm – 9pm

The exhibition is open from Saturday 7th February to Saturday 7th March 2015 inclusive


Friday 6th February 7.30pm performance by Emilia Telese.

Saturday 7th February Workshop and Talk with the artists.

Saturday 7th March Workshop and Talk with the artists (Sunday is international women’s day)

Opening Times during exhibition:

Thursday to Saturday 11:00am to 5:00pm

Tuesday, Wednesday by appointment

London Event

SAWCC host ‘Modern Women’ at The Rich Mix

Friday 20 February 7.30pm  Free / Upstairs

Talks, performance and video showing. Followed by a discussion about the exhibition with the artists.


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