The Tidy Mind is where artist Binita Walia shares her creative projects, interests and feedback from MyIdeas Tech and Creative training for schools using MyIdeasBook.

Binita lives and works in South East London. She makes large scale Architectural glass for buildings, helps run a theatre company and developed MyIdeas Tech and Creative training for schools.

I use my highly developed skill base in project management to help young people learn to develop, manage and execute projects more effectively arming them with essential life and work skills. If I can help young people get successful at key skills like project management and idea development faster than usual, it will be a great thing for their future employability and for companies. At the same time, I aim to bring more respect to the arts within schools by promoting and developing core skills that are transferable and desirable.’





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  1. Hi
    Don’t know how but I found you on Twitter and am now following you, love this idea by the way and will try to keep in touch if okay.

    Have a question? I have been looking for somebody in the UK who will print on glass for me, no luck so far, either they have gone out of business or they just don’t return the enquiry? Can you help?

    Thank you, great idea..


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