Back to School for MyIdeas Training!

This last week saw the start of MyIdeas training in two schools in Lewisham (student total was 78!). By the time I arrive into classes, the teacher has briefed the students on the project and who I am. When I come in they get to meet me and see what I do through a my Butetown Project.

The response has been really good and the feedback was ‘You were great and their ideas are flowing already‘.┬áMy work is completely integrated into the curriculum and teachers project agenda and therefore reiterates and expands on what these incredible art teachers are doing in class.

It is pretty great to see the students making their personal technology work for them in a creative way rather than just for texting! Inspiring them to start to look at things they are researching more keenly was also improved after they experienced how I had developed my project.

This is how much project data I showed them from the Butetown artwork development, talking them through the project from initial brief to end product:

photo 1

Students creating pictures of Nature Pattern and Colour for their project.

photo 3 (6)photo 1 (6)

photo 3

The next time I go into classes it will be to critique their IdeasBooks on the MyIdeasBook site and give them personal feedback to help them develop their projects. Can’t wait!

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