Butetown Community Centre

While I wait for professional Pictures to be taken here is a little insight into the project in Cardiff, Wales.

photo 2

Art for Everyone     Art for Storytelling      Art for the Future.

An inspirational, symbolic and evocative glazed artwork for the Butetown Community Centre. This artwork was inspired by the historic, cultural and physical nature of Butetown. The design has been carefully conceived to capture the aspirations of the community as shown to the artist through mood boards, workshops and conversations.

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A curtain of coloured coal droplets hand painted in beautiful watercolours. The seascape is a reminiscence of the turquoise waters, beaches and sunsets of Cape Verde, West Indies or North Africa  The colours create uplifting feelings of joy, friendliness and warmth. With the lights on inside the colours will shine through at night and the community centre will look bejewelled, stunning and welcoming. During the daytime from inside the colours will inspire a celebratory and dynamic atmosphere.

photo 4


The front mirror ‘drawing’ adds a much needed softness, fluidity and organic feel into the centre and has been created to inspire conversations and enquiry. The lines are evolved from a modern map of Butetown. The mirror has been used to reflect the outside space, sky and the viewer back onto the building. Symbolically showing that the community centre is a reflection of the community and special place for everyone.

Butetown Glass Installation 3

Butetown Glass Installation 1 Butetown Glass Installation

Slate & Coal window

This window is about the materials of Wales. The shape of a lump of coal and the layers of a slate stack or the layers of rock mined out of the ground. They are beautiful watercolours and float serenely in the window, referencing industry and nature, the man made and the natural.

photo 1

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