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I have been generously commissioned by Kali Theatre Company (who I work part-time for in admin and marketing) to create an installation/setting for a project called Shared Memories. I am working collaboratively with lighting designer Prema Mehta and the directors Janet Steel and Kate Chapman to design and make an art installation that is inspired by the project and will be used as the ‘set’ to perform the monologues to an audience. Dates and times to see the show here.

The inspiration for the project is memories. How we remember, what we remember and the nature of self reflection. Memories are controlled to some extent and we like to be selective in what we remember. Prema and I wanted to make a space which represented remembering our stories in metaphors by using light and reflective materials to change the dynamics of the space and create moods.

I use mirror, light, colour and reflection in my public architectural glass work and I have always been fascinated by the delineation of inside and outside spaces. It felt a natural continuation of this to create a version of a beaded curtain within the space.

Concept in detail:

A curtain of handheld mirrors are diagonally suspended across the room. On the window side they are mirror and the other a reflective film. On two walls are a line of mirrors, etched and engraved with text from the monologues from groups Janet Steel and Kate Chapman have been working with.

Set against the East London winter backdrop of dusk falling, the installation brings the outside inside and also creates a transforming effect with the projection of a rainbow spectrum of colour.

Inspired by the behaviour of white light dispersing through prisms and experimenting with the use of angle of light, this installation explores reflection and refraction. The work is deeply metaphorical.

The lighter and darker spaces represent the varying happiness and sadness of our memories. The hand held mirrors express the way we search deep into ourselves to remember, looking into the depths of our soul.

Creating a mass of objects mirrors reflects the repetition which is needed to remember stories; by thinking about the same stories over and over they become solid and tangible.

The outside (through the windows) will be reflected onto the mirrors and create a nice interplay between inside and outside and the light from outside will also be reflected creating atmosphere. The engraved mirrors along the wall are to create more reflective play and light projection around the room.

The audience would be encouraged to move around the space and see the monologues from different angles. Sometimes they will look through the wall of mirrors to see the actors which will also create an interesting play between actor and audience.

You can see this installation
at: Arcola Theatre 
24 Ashwin Street Dalston London E8 3DL
The installation is open 4pm-6pm 19-22 December free of charge.

4 thoughts on “New work New challenges

  1. Binita this sounds amazing – I am so happy that you have found a way to express yourself creatively with Kali. How wonderful and what a great collaborative project. Will there be some video of it…?

    • Hi Roisin, I will have to do some video yes. Its essential. Thank you for your kind comment, it is really a wonderful opportunity for us all as they get something different and special and I get to make something for a new context. Ill keep you posted thank you so much!

  2. Hi Binita,

    Congratulations on your new interactive art installation! It’s very deep and introspective as well as visually stimulating and beautiful. I love the use of the colors.

    Like Roisin, I’m looking forward to seeing a video if it, too.

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